November 9, 2015

CRM Control Panel

When your Business grows, you need a solid foundation underneath you that that has the capacity to support your business expanding. The key is to dramatically reduce the time it takes to undertake tasks on all levels like handling leads, sending marketing emails, converting leads to sales, tracking deals etc.

To enable you to grow, you need a CRM capable of handling anything you throw at it i.e. a rapidly expanding database with heavy website traffic.

Converting leads to customers is crucial to the success of your business. We have added some powerful capabilities into the CRM that will help you generate sales.

•  Lead management.
•  Converting leads to customers.
•  Managing sales and contracts.
•  Tracking the progress of a deal.
•  Tracking commissions.
•  Building a referral partner business.
•  Uploading and managing property listings.
•  Customising and editing the website.
•  Adding menu items and content.
•  Creating reports.
.. and more.

Watch the Intro Video: