November 13, 2015

Branded Property Portal

The Branded Portal is suited to anyone wanting their own Real Estate website/property portal, and you are involved in the sale of new and/or established properties.

Property Listing Options:
Option 1: Listings from can be made available on your portal.
Option 2: As per above you would have our listings, as well as the ability to upload your own listings through your “Admin Control Panel (CRM)“.
Option 3: We can remove our listings completely for Builders and Project Managers who want to showcase their own stock exclusively.

Your branded website comes with a fully integrated “Admin Control Panel (CRM)”  where data collected from the forms on the portal are automatically populated into the related sections of the CRM i.e. lead/customer inquiry and contact details, EOI data, client fact finder etc.

Branded Portal Design Options:
The design or theme options for your Branded Portal are limitless. We can copy your existing branding or offer a huge range of design options. Below are thumbnail snapshots of a few recent portals we have created for clients. Cost to set up is only $285 plus gst (see our pricing page):

The website portal can be easily customised through a ‘page manager’ in the Admin Control Panel (CRM). You will have the ability to add, edit and delete pages, menu items, submenu items. For those with their own stock, uploading properties is a breeze.

We have an unlimited resource of website themes also, see below examples of whats possible:

Watch our Intro Video:

More design examples below:

Attention Builders and Project Managers! The online interactive feature gives your customers the option to log in and track the entire construction progress of their new home at any given time. The design options we can offer you are limitless. Want MASSIVE Internet Exposure? Check out our Portal Push feature.

Referral Partner Affiliates: Join our BRONZE membership plan. Your own Branded Portal is an instant Real Estate Business and Website that can be customised to your Business.

Intro to the Branded Portal and how it works with the CRM:

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