February 26, 2016


All prices below are ex gst.

AFFILIATES (access to NPEX.com.au stock to on-sell to your clients):

Affiliates are FREE to join with $0 fees and includes our admin staff tracking your sales through to completion at no cost to you.

Click here to join our affiliate referral partner program now FREE of charge.

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Branded Portal & CRM (includes a website full of house & land package listings that you can on-sell and our admin staff tracking your sales (our listings only). It also includes a purpose built CRM to manage your business.

We will implement the initial design that you want and create the menu and sub-menu items for you. The system is designed so that you can easily add menu items and pages with your own content, however to get you started we will create the initial menu and pages with the text and images that you want (max 5 pages). If you would like us to add additional content to your portal beyond the basic set-up please see “Additional Content” below.

Portal and CRM package Bronze Plan (excluding gst below):

Option 1:  $129 per month including initial set-up fee of $329 – minimum term 12 months.
Option 2:  $120 per month including initial set-up fee of $329 – minimum term 24 months.
Option 3:  $35 per month including initial set-up fee of $1895 – NO minimum term, just pay your maintenance/hosting fee of $35 per month until you decide otherwise. Considering that a typical wordpress website would cost $4-5k to build plus $35 per month, this is a very affordable and attractive option given you get the portal website, our properties listed for FREE plus a full Real Estate CRM to manage your business.

Additional Content: After the initial set-up, most people are happy to add page content to their portal themselves. We will set up a page template for you in your page manager so you can copy and paste it easily to add pages and content (there are video tutorials to help you as well as our staff available 9-5pm Mon to Fri). As mentioned above we generally provide up to 5 extra pages with the content of your choice as part of the initial $299 set up fee. If you prefer, we can further develop your website (adding additional content and features beyond the basics above-mentioned) or do any other website development work at an hourly rate of $95 plus gst per hour.


Rebranding: If you choose to re-brand a standard wordpress website or branded portal that we have built for you, send us your new logo (must be .png with a transparent background), and domain name. If you want us to register the new domain name for you, cost is $56 + gst per domain name. If its just a logo change with a new domain registration, the re-brand fee of $299 + gst will apply (plus cost to register the domain name).

If you want us to change your portal design theme altogether above and beyond a domain name change and change of logo, we charge a minimum of $890 plus gst to copy a typical wordpress theme with up to 5 internal pages.

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Register your own Domain names or have us do it for you.

The Branded Portal requires min 2 x domain names i.e.
yourbusinessname.com and yourbusinessnmamecrm.com

Register domain name:
If we register your domain name, the fee is $56 plus gst per domain name for 12 months. There is zero charge for setting up the DNS.

If YOU register the domain names and need us to configure the DNS, we charge $130 plus gst to set up the DNS and require a log in to your domain control panel.

Forwarding domain names:
Forward a domain name with masking: $98 plus gst.

Changing domain names:
If you have a Branded Portal previously set up through us, and you wish to change the existing domain name to a new domain name, we charge $98 plus gst to initiate the change.

Transfer domain name hosting:
If you have a domain name registered with us and wish to transfer the domain name registration to your own hosting account, we charge $98 plus gst to set up the transfer on our end.


Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager code embedded into your website or portal pages:
$79 plus gst per website.


Set up your existing email through GSuite (previously Google Applications for Business)
OR re-configure MX records for your existing email address due to domain name server change
$130 plus gst

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Portal Push XML feed to other Real Estate websites (your stock only).
Select from the drop down options below and click Subscribe:

Portal Push

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SSL secure server for CRM: $175 per year.

Click here to subscribe to our SSL.