December 16, 2015

XML Portal Push

With most buyers searching the Internet nowadays, having your properties listed on more than one portal is the obvious way to be seen.


• You don’t have time to enter and update your properties on multiple portals.
• Your marketing budget is limited.


Listing your properties on multiple portals could be absolutely effortless on your part! We create the XML feed and you don’t have to enter any property details anywhere other than on your own site.

Having your listings automatically pushed to other Real Estate portals is fully automated through our Portal Push service. It will save you valuable time and allow you to leverage by exponentially increasing your internet presence.

The great Jim Rohn… once gave an inspiring talk on the sales process. His concept was to do with numbers.. “Talk to ten and get one, ” he said. He went on to tell the story of the two sales people comparing their success. One guy said “I will beat you, because I talk to ten and get three, you only talk to ten and get one”. The other guy smiled as he was thinking: “that’s ok, while you talk to ten and get three, I will talk to 1000 and get 100”.

Our XML feed can automatically load your listings on to other portals, both Australian and International.

Important note: you are only permitted to have your own properties activated for the portal push (properties that you list yourself), or property listings from Builders and Developers where you have a direct agreement to list their stock on public websites. The properties listed by us on are not permitted to be fed to public portals. Also note that this feature is an added cost and an optional extra to our Branded Portal subscriptions. See our pricing page for details.


Exposure creates leads, and not just ordinary leads.
When people see your product and contact you, you have high quality prospects.

Watch our short intro video: